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3M Equisport™ Equine Support Bandage

£5.50 £5.20
The strongest-holding, most elastic, cohesive wrap on the market for performance horses; it absorbs up to 90% more impact force than 3M™ Vetrap™ tape without compromising the range of motion. 4.5 times more elastic then 3M™ Vetrap™ bandaging tape, Equisport™ safeguards legs from hypertension damage and delivers unparalleled support and protection for performance horses.

3M Vetrap™ 10cm Equine Cohesive Bandages

3M™ Vetrap™ tape is the original cohesive tape for equine use, providing a great combination of softness, strength and conformability. The layers “bond” together to provide maximum holding power for superior support and bandages that stay put.