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Cottage Craft All-in-1 Exercise Bandages 2 Pack

£19.99 £11.99
All-in-one exercise bandages incorporating a soft polycotton padded section. The Cottage Craft All-in-One Exercise Bandages are ideal to provide support and protection for your horse's legs during everyday riding. Measuring 11cm x 295cm and designed with a soft polycotton padded section these bandages are easy to put on and have a fully adjustable fastening to ensure correct fitting. These bandages are sold in pairs and come complete with a handy reusable carry case for easy storage.

Cottage Craft Body Brush

Removes dust and fine particles and adds a shine to the horse's coat. With mixed colour bristles, a wooden back and fabric handle.

Cottage Craft Channel Quilt Leg Wraps Pack Of 4

£20.99 £17.99
Designed to be used under exercise bandages, they are the ideal way of giving your horse optimum support and comfort whilst lunging or riding. Made from quality quilted cotton on the outside and towelling on the inside to absorb moisture, these wraps are suitable for schooling or warming up at competitions. The Quilt leg wraps come in sets of four -  2x large pads measuring 55 x 35cm and 2x Small pads measuring 40 x 30cm.

Cottage Craft Classic High Wither Dressage Saddlecloth

£33.00 £24.99
The Cottage Craft Classic High Wither Dressage Saddlecloth is a stylish, diamond quilted saddlecloth that is ideal for use in the Dressage arena. The quilting ensures that the horse's back is well protected and the easy hook and loop girth straps stop the saddlecloth from slipping when the horse is moving. A woven branded label on the girth strap and Cottage Craft taping on the back seam are the perfect finishing touch.

Cottage Craft Classic High Wither GP Saddlecloth

£32.00 £18.99
The Cottage Craft Classic High Wither GP Saddlecloth is ideal for providing extra support under the saddle for horses with a high wither. The smart, diamond quilted saddlecloth is suitable for all disciplines and the woven branded label on the girth strap and Cottage Craft taping on the back seam make this saddlecloth more than smart enough for competitions.

Cottage Craft Classic Leadrope With Chain

£7.49 £6.99
This classic cotton lead rope comes complete with a chain and trigger clip, for quick and easy fastening and unfastening.

Cottage Craft Club Fly Veil

£17.00 £10.50
Cottage Craft Club Fly veil made from lightweight breathable mesh fabric. Features woven badge and embroidered crest. Hook and loop fastenings to ensure secure fit. Signature embroidered badge and crest design.

Cottage Craft Club Saddle Pad

£40.00 £24.99
Cottage Craft Mid weight quilted GP saddlecloth cut to a high wither pattern. Features IQ high wicking moisture management lining and contrast panel with embroidered badge and crest design. Signature embroidered badge and crest design.

Cottage Craft Deluxe Leadrope With Chain

£8.49 £7.99
This deluxe and high quality multi-coloured cotton lead rope features a chain and trigger clip, for a quick and easy fastening.

Cottage Craft DM Dandy Brush

£5.25 £4.30
Featuring stiff bristles which are ideal for removing mud and dirt. The brush has single colour bristles and a rubber grip handle. Perfect for removing tough stains or mud from ponies. Specially designed to allow little hands to grip the brush easily.

Cottage Craft DM Face Brush

£2.99 £2.60
Ideal for use on your pony or horse's face. Plastic back face brush with synthetic bristles. Perfect for removing tough stains or mud.

Cottage Craft DM Mane & Tail Brush

£4.99 £4.50
Make sure your horse has a good hair day with this rubber mane and tail brush. Fun and fashionable rubber grip mane and tail brush. Specially designed to allow for easy grip, it is ideal for removing knots and tangles from your pony's or horse's mane and tail.

Cottage Craft DM Small Body Brush

£6.99 £4.50
Body brush with rubber grip handle & strap. The body brush features stiff bristles which are ideal for removing mud and dirt. The brush has single colour bristles, a rubber grip handle and a fabric strap, for the comfort and ease of the user.

Cottage Craft Elasticated Exercise Bandages 4 Pack

£19.99 £18.50
Full set of elasticated exercise bandages for added protection and support. The Cottage Craft Elasticated Exercise Bandages have been designed to correctly protect and support your horses legs during schooling or other ridden work. The four soft, but strong elasticated bandages come with a carry handle bag for easy storage, and feature a secure hook and loop fastening to ensure they dont slip whilst in use.  

Cottage Craft Elasticated/Fleece Combo Bandages 4 Pack

£22.00 £14.50
Multi-purpose elasticated and fleece bandages with a hook and loop fastening for a comfortable and secure fit. Elasticated Fleece Bandages are ideal for a range of purposes including protection in the stable, securing a poultice or dressing, or even when travelling. As a set of four elasticated fleece bandages, they come complete with their own storage bag with carrier handle. They feature a hook and loop fastening for a comfortable yet secure fit from the knee or hock to the fetlock joint.

Cottage Craft Electra Saddlecloth

£33.00 £25.99
Pattern quilted saddlecloth cut to a high wither pattern, with a twisted rope braided piping. Lightweight filling gives comfort but maintains a close feel whilst in the saddle, making it a great general-purpose everyday saddlecloth with a stand out design.

Cottage Craft Epsom Saddlecloth

£25.00 £17.50
The Cottage Craft Epsom Saddlecloth is ideal for everyday use but still smart enough for your horse to wear at competitions. The foam filled diamond quilted polycotton saddlecloth has been specifically designed to sit comfortably under the saddle, relieving pressure points on your horse's sensitive back. Girth loops and billet straps ensure the saddle stays in place during ridden work.

Cottage Craft Fleece Bandages 4 Pack

£15.99 £9.50
High quality anti-pill suede fleece bandages. Cottage Craft fleece bandages are made from high quality anti-pill suede fleece, providing extra comfort for your horse. Perfect for using on their own or with Cottage Craft leg pads, offering extra warmth and protection. Supplied in a re-usable carry case.

Cottage Craft Flex Wrap

£3.00 £2.65
Ideal as part of your horse's first aid kit. The self-adhesive, breathable and durable bandage sticks to itself and not to the skin or hair of the horse. The flex wrap fit means the bandage maintains its shape and size, providing consistent compression on the wound.

Cottage Craft Foal Nylon Headcollar

£15.99 £13.99
The Cottage Craft Foal Headcollar has been designed to ensure the comfort of your growing foal. The high quality webbing, brass fittings and triple buckle adjustments allow for a comfortable, tailored fit as your foal grows into an adult horse.

Cottage Craft Fully Adjustable Headcollar

£18.99 £16.99
The Cottage Craft fully adjustable head collar is made from high quality nylon webbing, which helps to provide the horse with a comfortable experience. Brass coloured fittings, give the head collar a smart finish and triple adjustment at the nose, throat and cheek add an extra level of comfort.

Cottage Craft Galaxy Headcollar

£12.99 £10.99
The Galaxy head collar is crafted from high quality, twin coloured webbing. The funky patterned taping on the noseband and cheek piece proves to be an interesting design feature. Silver finish fittings complement the bright colours, and the head collar is completed with trigger clips for the ease of the rider.

Cottage Craft Goat Hair Body Brush

Super soft goat hair body brush with a quality leather hand strap. This goat hair body brush has a wooden back and leather hand strap. Ensure your horse looks smart at all times.

Cottage Craft Grooming Kit

£15.50 £9.50
This handy grooming kit contains everything a horse owner needs to groom their horse. It includes small dandy brush, body brush, plastic mane comb, plastic curry comb and hoof pick. In a variety of colours, this is the only grooming kit they'll need.