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Dermoline Aloe Vera Gel

£9.42 £6.99
A soothing Aloe Vera gel to optimise skin condition in horses. This gentle moisturising gel is beneficial for minor skin irritations and damaged skin.

Dermoline Cooling Body Wash

£6.30 £4.99
A revitalising cooling body wash containing natural tea tree oil for use after exercise.

A mild, soapless body wash containing tea tree oil and a mild antibacterial agent.

Cleanses the coat and cools the horse after heavy work.


Dermoline Mane & Tail Conditioner

A luxurious hair conditioning lotion. It removes tangles and static, making brushing out easier. Convenient spray to ensure a tangle free mane and tail with a silky long lasting shine.

Dermoline Medicated Shampoo

Effective antibacterial shampoo with added coat conditioner to optimise coat and skin condition for a fresh, non-scurfy coat.

Dermoline Skin Ointment

£6.08 £4.99
A soothing and cooling ointment containing calamine, sulphur and coal tar. Helps overcome common dry skin problems and stimulates repair.

Dermoline Soothing Wound Cream

£16.17 £12.50
A protective antibacterial wound cream for horses. Combining the antibacterial and soothing benefits of zinc oxide and tea tree oil. Provides a natural barrier to bacterial invasion allowing optimum natural healing. Soothes and protects. 240ml

Dermoline Sweet Itch Lotion

£19.51 £13.99
Soothing, protective insecticidal lotion to alleviate and prevent sweet itch. A highly effective licensed veterinary medicinal product for use during the summer season. AVM-GSL.

Dermoline Tea Tree Shampoo

This shampoo is helpful for scurf and other skin conditions. It is of particular use for cleansing horses following exposure to wet, muddy conditions. It may also be used for routine grooming and show preparation.