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Equestrizone Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar provides a natural source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for optimal health and mobility ✓ Adds a beautiful shine to the coat ✓ Aids respiratory health and soothes the airways ✓ Supports joint health and promotes vitality ✓ Supports digestive health and helps stimulate appetite ✓ Maintains healthy blood pressure and good circulation

Equestrizone PegaVite

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A balanced diet is the cornerstone for optimal health, well-being and performance in all horses and ponies, yet many horses and ponies are short of essential nutrients. Forages are often short of essential minerals and vitamins and straight feeds are always short. Many horses and ponies do not require the full recommended amount of compound feed. Supplementing with PegaVite® balances the diet, making up for shortfalls and thus avoiding harmful deficiencies. Feed to:
  • All horses and ponies fed less than the recommended amount of compound feed e.g. those in good condition and/or on good grass
  • All horses and ponies fed straight feeds e.g. oats, corn, barley, sugar beet
  • All horses and ponies fed only forage
  • Retired horses and ponies out at grass
  • Working horses and ponies who are good doers and don’t need much compound feed
  • Support healthy hooves and a shiny bloom to the coat*
  • Support optimal performance in working horses and ponies*
  • Support optimal immune function*
*In horses and ponies fed less than the recommended amount of compound feed
Heavy horse (700kg and over) 100 - 200 2 - 4
Average horse (400 - 700kg) 75 - 150 1.5 - 3
Pony (up to 400kg) 50 - 100 1 - 2
A 3.5kg tub fed at 100g per day will last 35 days A 6kg tub fed at 100g per day will last 60 days A 9kg tub fed at 100g per day will last 90 days 1 x level 50ml scoop (enclosed) = 50g Feed with plenty of forage e.g. grass or hay and ensure clean fresh water is always available. Feed at the full rates with straight feeds e.g. oats/barley or when no other compound feed is given. If other supplemented feeds are given e.g. compounds, then reduce the rate down to half. For best results split the recommended daily amount between two feeds
Calcium carbonate, Monocalcium phosphate, Sodium chloride, Ground micronised maize, Wheat feed, Magnesium oxide, trace elements and vitamins.
Calcium 17.5% Phosphorus 3.5% Crude protein 3.4% Crude fibres 1.1% Crude oils and fats 1.6% Sodium 5.2% Acid insoluble ash 2.9% Crude ash 69.9%
NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES: Iron 1,900 mg/kg (as 6,300mg ferrous sulphate monohydrate, E1), Manganese 3,300 mg/kg (as 5,300 mg manganous oxide, E5), Zinc 3,300mg/kg (as 4,500 mg zinc oxide, E6), Copper 1,000mg/kg (as 4,000mg copper sulphate, E4), Selenium 11mg/kg (as 500mg sodium selenite, (E8) and 400mg Selplex selenium yeast, (3b8.10)), Iodine 1mg/kg (as 20 mg calcium iodate anhydrous, E2). Vitamin E rac-alpha tocopherol (3a700) 13,000mg/kg, Vitamin D3 (E671-Cholecalciferol) 48,000IU/kg, Vitamin A (3a672a-Retinyl acetate) 377,000IU/kg Preservative: Calcium propionate (E282) 1mg/kg Antioxidant: BHT (E321) 1,000mg/kg Mixture of flavouring compounds A mineral feed material for horses. Store in a cool, dry place. Replace lid securely to avoid deterioration of contents. Keep out of reach of children