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Equine Products UK Bio-Trition ZMC Advanced

Bio-Trition ZMC Advanced is a complimentary feedinstuff for Horses, which contains high levels of Biotin – an essential vitamin for the maintenance of good hoof quality. It also contains Methionine and Cysteine which are Amino Acids with a very high Sulphur content. Sulphur is required for the keritinisation of the hoof. This product supplies significant levels of Zinc, and Calcium, the inclusion of which can nutritionally assist in ensuring correct and balanced growth of the hoof.

Equine Products UK Garlic Honey

Garlic has long been recognised and valued for a wide range of properties believed to affect circulatory and respiratory systems whilst honey is an appetising source of energy-giving natural sugar. Garlic Honey helps to maintain appetite using 100% pure garlic oil and finest quality honey.

Equine Products UK Haemavite B Plus

This highly palatable supplement is designed to assist in the maintenance of healthy blood levels and contains four key elements in an appetising syrup base. It is routinely fed prior to races or competition to assist maximum levels of essential blood nutrients needed by horses and ponies when in hard work. Additional amounts should be fed only on veterinary advice, and may be useful when recovering from viral anaemia.
  • Contains Vitamins B6, B12, and Folic Acid; as well as Iron which is well absorbed in the gastro-intestinal tract
  • Assists with energy metabolism and red blood cell production
  • Encourages poor feeders in an appetising flavour

Equine Products UK Restore-Lyte Gel

Replacing essential body salts and water loss during sweating and exercise, through a rehydration supplement, assists the horse’s ability to remain fit, healthy and able to perform at peak levels.
  • Easy to use as a one shot syringe after competition and hard work
  • Helps horses to achieve maximum potential
  • Starts the process of electrolyte replacement after sweating
  • Encourages water consumption

Equine Products UK Restore-Lyte Liquid

Restore-Lyte helps with the maintenance of vital mineral reserves which can be lost by essential tissues during periods of exercise and in extreme weather conditions. Restore-Lyte will provide readily available energy to replace muscle glycogen expended during training and competition.
  • Readily available energy replacement
  • Restores muscle glycogen levels
  • Fully in solution for quick absorption
  • Helps horses recover from intensive training and competition

Equine Products UK Sand Shifter

Sand Shifter contains pysllium husk powder, a revolutionary bulk forming natural fibre derived from pysllium seed. Once in the horse’s digestive tract, pysllium forms a fibrous gel which adheres to the sand particles preventing them from staying in the gut and causing potential blockages. Its bulk forming capacity encourages movement by peristalsis, aiding the removal of blockages from the horse’s digestive tract. Aniseed flavouring normally irresistible to horses has been added to increase palatability. Contains kaolin to aid the whole digestive process Specially formulated for horses or ponies grazing sandy loams or short grass Highly palatable, assists in easing the movement of sand particles through the gut Unique aniseed flavouring irresistible to horses