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Groom Away Aloe Vera Gel

£7.50 £6.50
A soothing gel which helps maintain healthy skin & aids natural recovery. The Aloe Vera Gel is made from the best natural ingredients. It can aid natural recovery from minor grazes & sunburn. This multipurpose gel is useful for almost any skin condition that needs soothing & astringing.
  • Made using only pure & concentrated Aloe Vera Juice
  • Aids natural recovery from minor grazes & sunburn
  • Useful for almost any skin condition that needs soothing & astringing

Groom Away Anti-Fungal Hoof Oil

£6.50 £5.80
Anti-Fungal Hoof Oil – (Black & Natural) is an excellent all year round anti-fungal, anti-bacterial oil, which lubricates, nourishes and protects to aid in the maintenance of healthy feet. Once applied you are also able to buff the hoof for professional high gloss show ring finish. The strengthening hoof oil infused with natural extracts including coconut derivatives ensures it is the perfect product for use on weak, brittle hooves, splits including sand cracks. The 100% natural hoof oil is ideal in the summers months for sand cracked, split, dry and brittle hooves. During the wetter months, as a barrier against bacterial & fungal issues also aiding in the prevention of smelly frogs. Continual use of Anti-fungal hoof oil will ensures the hoof maintains the correct level of moisture without sealing the hoof, therefore allowing it to breath.

Groom Away Citronella Body Wash

What makes Groom Away Citronella Body Wash outstanding is the blend of rare organic citronella and essential oils. By using a mix of versatile and effective natural remedies, successfully used for thousands of years, Groom Away Citronella Body Wash offers a first class product which purifies, cleanses & deodorises. By using Citronella Body Wash your horse will benefit from analgesic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiinflammatory, bactericidal, deodorising, fungicidal, insecticidal properties; all of which offer many medicinal advantages. As a natural herbal remedy there is no damage to your horse or the environment and no build-up of harmful toxins.

Groom Away Colour Enhancing Shampoo

Enriches and enhances the natural coat colour of palomino, dun, chestnut, brown, bay and black horses. This deep cleansing and conditioning shampoo easily lifts out dirt and stains leaving the coat soft and shiny. Highlights black points. Suitable for frequent use as it does not strip natural oils from the coat. Contains tea tree oil.
  • Enriches and enhances natural coat colour
  • Deep cleansing and conditioning formula
  • Leaves coat soft and shiny
  • Highlights black points
  • Does not strip natural oils
  • Contains Tea Tree Oil
  • Suitable for frequent use

Groom Away Every Day Tangle Away

The perfect answer to maintaining a tangle free, conditioned full mane and tail. Leaves a silky feel & lustrous shine, while protecting the tail hairs from breakage. Reduces grooming time when used as part of the daily grooming routine. Can be used for competition & for everyday use and is non-greasy. Suitable for all horses, in all walks of life, from competition & hunting to companion pony and pet. A real tack box essential! Protects and detangles manes and tails Enhances natural shine Reduces hair breakage Conditions and shines Non-greasy Suitable for competition and everyday use

Groom Away Footcare Spray

£8.50 £7.50
Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal foot care spray to protect horses hooves against a wide range of common ailments. Assisting the horses natural defences against bacteria and fungi to shield the hoof, frog and hoof wall and maintenance of hoof well being.

Groom Away Healthy Hoof Conditioner

This special blend of Pure lanolin EP, best known for its strengthening properties, pure mineral oil to ensure all ingredients penetrate into the hoof quickly & efficiently, concentrated essential oils to protect against fungal conditions and added conditioners to give the hoof a high gloss finish.
  • For chipped, cracked hooves
  • Contains pure lanolin EP
  • Anti fungal
  • High gloss finish

Groom Away Just 4 Coloureds Shampoo

Designed specifically for skewbalds, piebalds, appaloosas and tobianos. Deep cleanses white areas for an ultra white finish and enriches coloured areas. Gives a shiny defined result, emphasising colour contrast, showing your coloured horse or pony in all their glory. Easily lifts out dirt and grease without stripping natural essential coat oils, leaving the coat silky soft and shiny. Has the added benefits of tea tree oil. Suitable for both frequent use and preparation for competition turn out. This shampoo is concentrated, a little goes a long way!
  • Whitens white & enriches colour
  • Shines & defines contrasting coat colours
  • Removes stains
  • Deep cleansing & conditioning formula
  • Does not strip natural oils
  • Leaves coat soft & shiny
  • Contains Tea Tree Oil
  • Suitable for frequent use

Groom Away Lavender Wash

Refresh & relax your horse after work with our no rinse, totally NATURAL Lavender Wash formula. Made with the purest Lavender Oil , known to possess properties which can calm & soothe. The added coconut derivatives cleanse the coat & easily remove post exercise sweat & dirt. Includes a natural antibacterial herbal oil which also helps soothe minor cuts & abrasions. Also contains Citronella Oil. Contains no soap or detergents. Suitable for frequent use. Refreshing & soothing Calming & relaxing Helps disperse bruising All NATURAL ingredients Added Citronella Oil

Groom Away Mud Repeller & Coat Conditioner

Offers instant shine and condition, coating individual hair strands and protecting against dust and stains. It will also help to prevent thinning of tails, as the comb will just glide through. Encourages easy grooming and will add shine to any black points, manes and tails as well as being an excellent detangler. Leave mud to dry and it will easily brush off. Saves hours of grooming time. Also works on dogs too.
  • Instant shine and condition
  • Protects against stains
  • Discourages mud from sticking
  • Emphasises black points
  • Reduces grooming time

Groom Away Purple Spray

£7.50 £6.75
Containing Tea Tree, Lavender, Chamomile & Arnica well known for their healing properties. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral makes it ideal for use on minor wounds, abrasions, cuts & bites. Cracked, split heels are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, use spray as a preventative and aid recovery.
  • Anti-bacterial, Anti Fungal, Anti-Viral
  • Contains Arnica, Lavender & Chamomile
  • No Sting Formula

Groom Away Rambo Rug Wash

Special cleaning concentrate for all horse rugs, bandages, travel boots, saddle pads, dog bedding, dog coats & ear nets. Environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable formula.

Groom Away Rambo Rug Wash & Conditioner Duo Pack

£14.00 £12.99
Includes 1 x Rambo Rug Wash 250ml and 1 x Rambo Condition 250ml.

Groom Away Rambo V+ Rug Wash

With the superior V+ cleansing properties, Rambo V+ rug wash ensures a thorough cleansing wash-in treatment. The V+ formula, ensures that other issues associated with dirty rugs as well as mud, dirt and grime are eradicated and leaves your rug V+ clean. Suitable for synthetic, polycotton, canvas, cotton, polyester, acrylic, denim and insulated horse rugs.

Groom Away Rejuvenate Body Wash

Refreshes and cools as it washes. Containing natural Spearmint & Peppermint oil which cools and refreshes the skins surface instantly on application without chilling the animal, perfect for use after competing, exercise or for comfort on a hot sunny day. Derivatives of coconut allow removal of heavy soiling and sweat effortlessly, due to their natural cleansing abilities.
  • Cools without chilling
  • Refreshes and removes heavy perspiration
  • No rinse formula

Groom Away Seal to Heal

£10.00 £8.75
Complete wound protection. A flexible, transparent wound dressing that seals in 60 seconds. Also helps to combat mud related conditions and cracked heels by blocking the bacteria found in mud. Seals the epidermis protecting against flies, dirt and bacteria while maintaining the correct moisture levels for healing. The quiet aerosol application is quick and easy to use in an emergency. Ideal for areas where more conventional dressings are hard to apply. A real first aid box essential.

Groom Away Stockholm Tar Spray

£7.50 £6.75
Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment for all hoof related infections. Stockholm Tar Spray combats thrush and other bacterial to neutralise bacteria combat all types of thrush, infections and maintain healthy hooves. Use on horses feet to maintain healthy frogs and general hoof health.

Groom Away Sun Protection Cream

£14.75 £10.99
This non-oily, high protection UVB30 sun cream, developed to protect sensitive skin & areas at risk of sunburn. Also, suitable to soothe & aid healing of already burned areas. Contains skin conditioners & restorers to provide COMPLETE sun protection. Complete care & protection.
  • Strongest UVB30 available
  • Perspiration and water resistant
  • Contains mineral filters to give 100% protection
  • Can be applied to raw and sunburned areas

Groom Away Ultra White Shampoo

Whiter than white results for grey horses. Defines dappled areas and gives a shimmer to white coats, manes and tails. This deep cleansing and conditioning formula easily removes stubborn stains and dirt leaving the coat soft and very shiny. Does not strip natural coat oils making it suitable for frequent use. Contains tea tree oil.
  • Whiter than white results
  • Removes stains
  • Deep cleansing and conditioning formula
  • Does not strip natural oils
  • Leaves coat soft and shiny
  • Contains Tea Tree oil
  • Suitable for frequent use

Groom Away Wound Cream

£10.00 £8.75
A multi-purpose antibacterial cream. The advanced scientific formula works to keep the wound moist and minimises infection risk thus aiding in the healing process, reducing scab formation and minimising scarring.
  • Contains Lanolin EP,
  • 100% Chamomile Essential
  • Oil, Tea Tree and Aloe Vera
  • Can be applied To raw and sore areas without stinging.
  • Helps restore hair.
  • Stops the need to rub/ scratch.