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Groomi Shedding Tool

£21.99 £19.99
The Groomi Tool is the only shedding tool you will ever need! We have spent the last year developing the Groomi Tool with the view to abolish the negative aspects of other tools on the market, whilst improving further the positive aspects. We believe that we have now achieved this. Suitable for Horses, Dogs, Cats and other furry friends! It is designed to removed dead unwanted hair from your pets coat without fuss and with ease It is an all year round tool removing scurf, mud and other nasties. Made from quality polypropylene material with an added grip for comfort. Making it wipe clean and Light in your hand. Removable comb to allow for replacements and for added peace of mind when there are little hands around the yard! The comb itself is made from stainless steel to add longevity to the comb also ensuring it will not rust when left outside or in damp conditions. The combs are also used to remove the quick release screw so there is no need for extra tools when changing over the combs! The Groomi Tool gently but effectively removes dead hair, dirt and scurf from the animals coat. Promoting a healthy coat and reducing itching! Replacement combs are available to buy separately and can only be found on the Groomi. The unique tooth pattern has been tried and tested to ensure the best result and will not be beaten on performance!

Groomi Shedding Tool Spares Kit

£19.99 £16.75
The Groomi Tool spares kit consists of 3 spare combs which can be used to undo the quick release screw and 1 spare quick release screw. The combs are made of stainless steel and are extremely durable. Each comb should last a few months at least even with regular use. If you feel that the comb isn't performing as it should give it a good clean! The blades are not designed to cut, only to pull the dead hair from the animal.