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Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Ball 10”

The ultimate ball to relieve boredom and stress. Resists deflation from biting, punches or kicking. Needs no air to inflate. Made from a revolutionary hard wearing material. Scented or non scented options available in bright colours adding something different to your horses stable. Size : 10 Inches

Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Mega Ball

Heavy duty inflatable balls made specifically for horses. Sizes
  • Red 25''
  • Blue 30''
  • Green 40''

Horsemen’s Pride Pas-a-Fier

£35.99 £27.99
Super durable stable boredom toy, manufactured from apple scented innovative polymer for extra strength. The rotating device allows the horse to massage their gums for hours. Mounting hardware is included.

Jolly Pets Jolly Apple Horse Toy

£12.90 £10.99
This 9" x 9" candy apple red toy is apple scented to encourage play and hangs in the stable to alleviate boredom and distract from chewing and cribbing.