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Oster Aloe Tear Free Shampoo

£14.99 £13.50
Mild, tearless and fragrance free. Gentle formula can be used even on horses and foals with the most sensitive skin. Natural aloe vera and vitamin B5 provide skin and coat conditioning.

Oster Berry Fresh All Purpose Shampoo

£13.99 £11.99
Vitamins and natural humectants restore and nourish the coat and skin. Fresh berry scent and safe for everyday use.

Oster Black Pearl Shampoo

£13.99 £12.50
Enhances natural colour and shine of dark coloured horses. Vitamins and other natural ingredients work together to nourish skin and coat. Dark coats come to life without dyes or other harmful ingredients.

Oster Orange Creme Extra Clean Shampoo

£13.99 £12.50
Cleans the toughest grease and dirt. Removes dirt, grease, stable stains, etc, without harming the skin and coat or removing essential oils. Delightful orange sherbet fragrance.

Oster Show White Vanilla Shampoo

£13.99 £12.50
Brightens white coloured horses and enhances all other light colours. Aloe vera and chamomile soothe skin while jojoba oil acts as a natural moisturiser. Warm vanilla bean fragrance.

Oster Strawberry Dermasilk Conditioner

£13.99 £12.50
Softens and shines tails and coats with no residue. Specially formulated to moisturise, revitalise and be long lasting with an enchanting strawberry bouquet.