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Rockies Bug:go Lick

£20.40 £13.99
Bug:go is a Rockie for horses and ponies that drastically reduces fly and midge bites, deters worm infection and boosts the immune system. In particular it helps prevent sweet itch – an allergic reaction to insect bites that will affect most horses and ponies to some degree. This 5kg salt lick contains 10 per cent pure garlic. Garlic has long been known for its natural fly repellent properties and it also aids healthy digestion, so it benefits both the inside and outside of the animal! Use Bug:go whenever and wherever swarming flies and midges are likely to be a problem and you’ve got simple, beneficial, cost effective and completely natural protection for your horse or pony.

Rockies LaminShield Lick 5kg

£43.82 £28.99
The LaminShield range (LaminShield, LaminShield Pure and LaminShield Mini) provides an easy, safe and palatable way to ensure that horses and ponies get enough magnesium and other essential minerals. Magnesium is vital to horse and pony health and a deficiency can be serious. For example, it can lead to laminitis – a painful, crippling and hard to treat inflammatory condition of the hoof tissues. Supplementary magnesium may be needed if your horse or pony:
  • Is at grass all year round.
  • Grazes on acid or marshy soils.
  • Is on a high concentrate diet.
  • Is overweight.
  • Is kept in stressful conditions.
  • Suffers from muscular tension.
  • Is a native breed.

Rockies Metal Salt Lick Holder

Sturdy holder to attach to the wall to hold most standard licks.