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Stable Environment 2 in 1 Equine Intimate Body Wash

£10.99 £9.75

Contains gentle cleansing agents blended with lavender and tea tree pure essential oils to help combat viral, fungal and bacterial invasion, such as warts, whilst soothing and cleansing delicate genitalia areas.

Can also be used as an all over body wash for horses with sensitive skin, a nervous disposition, sunburn or sweet itch.

Tea tree can be used to combat ring worm, insect bites, warts, minor cuts, abrasions and for soothing sunburn.

Lavender is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, detoxifier, anti-depressant and also stimulates the immune system.


Stable Environment 3 in 1 Tangle Free Mane, Tail & Coat Shine

This triple action spray has been blended with lemongrass pure essential oil and natural conditioners to detangle the mane and tail and condition the coat. It helps to leave the hair manageable, glossy and tangle free, whilst reducing the build-up of dust in the coat. Lemongrass has a unique aroma and is excellent for respiratory problems, with natural antiseptic qualities that act as a skin tonic.
  • Triple action spray
  • Effectively detangles the mane and tail leaving the hair managable, glossy and tangle free
  • Promotes a fantastic coat shine and reduces the build up for dust
  • Creates a beautiful aroma
  • Natural conditioners are used which reduces saddle slip
  • Acts as a natural skin tonic
  • All ingredients are biodegradable and environmentally friendly