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StableLine Aloe Vera Gel

A soothing natural antibacterial and anti-fungal gel for skin disorders. Protects and aids natural recovery from minor cuts, sores and burns.

StableLine Lavender Wash

£8.50 £6.35
A gentle, soothing and refreshing wash designed to clean, care for and condition the horse's skin and coat. With tea tree, lavender and aloe vera.

StableLine Mud & Rain Barrier

This water resistant formula will help to protect the horse's coat from the effects of mud and rain.

StableLine Mud & Rain Salve

A soothing moisturising salve containing a blend of pure essential oils known for their natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties.

StableLine Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream

A natural, soothing herbal cream that can help ease symptoms of sunburn and most skin irritations.

StableLine Tea Tree Shampoo

£7.95 £5.35
With natural antibacterial properties, this shampoo will cleanse the coat and soothe the skin, leaving a healthy shine.

StableLine Wound Cream

This antibacterial cream will help to soothe minor cuts, grazes and sores. Also useful against insect bites and stings.